I truly believe that every aspect of a wedding day is important. Weddings are deeply complex, emotional things — there are moments of transcendent joy, of solemn quietude, of bliss and stress and rapturous love. They are the coming-together of every element of a couple’s life in one day — where every little thing feels celebratory and ceremonious. Every wedding is a story.

I create my best work when I collaborate with couples who aren't afraid of the imperfect and the in-between. They don't hire me to produce staged scenes, but instead trust me to seek out the honest, messy, intimate moments that make up the day.

I invite you to leave behind all preconceptions about wedding photography. When you work with me, should-dos and must-haves don’t exist. My photography is rooted in connection — between you and your partner, your family and friends, and even between you and me. The most amazing photos are taken when you come with open hearts and open minds, and simply lean into who you are. 

Above all, I care about how your photographs feel, because it's the feelings that you'll want to relive.

photography is an
exercise in trust.

From the beginning of the process, Hope was extremely professional, very responsive, and her planning guides put our minds at ease knowing she had all the details handled.

On the actual day of our wedding, Hope and Max were such positive presences and truly put us at ease. We appreciated that they followed and captured the natural course of the day vs. spending a lot of time posing - this allowed my husband and I to totally relax before the ceremony and enjoy our quality time together. Now the PHOTOS: our wedding gallery is so unbelievably gorgeous. Hope captured every detail of the day with elegance and panache."

"Working with Hope was a highlight of our wedding. 

- Amanda + Joe

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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses


what you can expect

The thing I value most is a real relationship between myself and my clients. I feel most inspired, and create my best work, when I really know my couples, both together and as individuals. After all, your wedding photographer is one of the only people who is with you for almost every moment of the day - from the intimacy of getting ready to the magic energy on the dance floor. So, if we're going to spend so much time together, building a connection is key! Show me what makes your love yours, and I'll capture it as it really is.

From our initial phone call to the final gallery delivery, I'm there for you. When you book me as your photographer, I will be a resource during your planning, a positive presence on your day, and a friend throughout the whole process. I'll send you a packet with 50+ pages of info to help you with your planning, and we'll have a check-in about a month before the big day to finalize details. Need help creating a wedding day timeline? I'm your girl. Can't decide which shoes to wear? I gotchu. After the wedding, I'm always there to catch up over a beer and to capture your love story as the years go on. 'Til death do us part!

The number one anxiety I hear from my couples is that they're worried they'll be awkward in front of a camera. Everyone feels this way, including me! Being photographed is hard. The good news? It's literally my job to make you feel comfortable and at ease in front of my lens. When we work together, I'm there to make sure you not only look and feel your best, but that you feel like you. We'll laugh, we'll dance, we'll eat cake. We'll have a reallyreallyreally good time.




Hear me out! Weddings are incredible — there are moments of deep, resounding joy, and the overwhelming feeling is always one rooted in love. I deeply admire the spirit of community and celebration at weddings, and I feel absolutely honored I get to document them for a living.

That said, there is so much pressure on couples to have a perfect day. There is pressure from family and friends, from magazines, social media; pressure to look more beautiful than ever; pressure for everything to go smoothly and for the sun to shine.

The good news? Your wedding day doesn't have to be perfect in order for it to be wonderful. It will be amazing and unique and memorable, so let your freak flag fly and do whatever makes you happy.

YOUR wedding day doesn't have to be the best day of your life.

Remember that your wedding is just the first day of your marriage —
the best is yet to come.

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