this is max.

I come from a nostalgic family. On both sides, my grandparents were/are trenchant documentarians; I have photographs and videos from the entirety of my maternal grandfather’s life, and on my father’s side, my grandmother has actively made scrapbooks since she got married in 1946 (she’s 95 now, and still scrapbooking!!). These documents are a treasure, and an invaluable source of inspiration to me.

In looking at photos (and super 8 video!) of my ancestors’ weddings, what always strikes me most are the candids. Of course the formal portraits are important, a record of who was present. But in the candids I find something else: a more tangible understanding of the people in the photographs and truer insight into who they were. In other words, I’m able to understand them as real — not just as figures in a frame, but as people who laughed and cried, who danced and told jokes, who loved deeply and fiercely for as long as they lived.

This is why I am a documentary-style wedding photographer. In 25 or 50 years, the posed photos will still be beautiful, but the in-between moments and candids will be priceless. I aim to take photographs that capture who you are and how it felt, so that you can look back and remember fondly — but also so that one day your children and grandchildren can feel it, too.

I'm hope, but you can call me hopie.

I split my time between researching history for my PhD, and making Super 8 wedding films alongside my wife. What I love about weddings is their warmth and spirit of connection; capturing a moment in time in a real way — deeply involved with the people who are both the subject and the audience of the work — is what makes this job feel so vibrant and valuable. Weddings are also just great fun, and the energy always feels nourishing to me. Weddings really are the stuff of life!

I want my filmmaking to always reflect that connection between the couple and their loved ones. Yes, it's nice to make things that are artful, and reflective of my creative vision, but those things alone are not what motivate me — I want the films to be for you, crafted with you in mind, and indelibly imbued with your specific love. It’s documentary, it’s intimate, it’s meaningful. I feel blessed to get to do it.

In addition to filmmaking, I love to cook, make music, bike with Hopie, and hang out with friends and family. All are just fed by the same impulse — to share the good things in the world with people we love.

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We were married in 2021, barefoot in the backyard of Hopie's childhood home on Cape Cod. We had a tiny ceremony with only our immediate families and a few friends; we said “I do,” threw confetti, ate oysters, and dove in the sea. It was absolutely perfect.

a glimpse into our own wedding(s)

The following spring, we had a blow-out dance party reception in Max's hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland. Our tiny wedding in September was beyond wonderful, but finally reuniting and celebrating with all our people — from the US and the UK — was a gift and a dream come true.

All of this to say: you can celebrate your marriage however you want. We encourage you to be as creative and imaginative as possible — there are so many possibilities and opportunities, and absolutely no rules.

frequently asked questions

why do you shoot both digital and film?

I take a hybrid approach because I can blend the timelessness of film with the speed of digital. I show up to most wedding days with at least four cameras hanging off of me (and more in my bag), ready to document every fleeting moment and subtle gesture with whatever tool is right for the job. 


how would you describe your style?

My style is soulful, natural, and creative. My goal is create little works of art for you to treasure forever. I aim to capture moments through my lens, but also through yours; the best photos are not just aesthetically pleasing — they are nostalgic and familiar, recognizable because they show the moment as it truly was and as it truly felt.


do you travel for work?

Yes!! My husband and I split our time between the US and the UK, so we document weddings here, there, and everywhere in between. You can find our upcoming travel schedule here, and if you're planning a destination wedding, let's talk!


how long does it take to receive our photos?

For weddings, you can expect your gallery in 8-10 weeks. For engagement sessions, you can expect it in 2-3 weeks. Don't worry — I always send sneak peeks within 48 hours of shooting!


what's the benefit of having two shooters?

In my opinion, a second shooter can provide another perspective to your day and can capture parts of the day that I cannot due to timeline constraints. You can find more info here!


what if we're awkward?

Not to worry! It always feels a little odd to have your picture taken. That's where I come in: it's literally my job is to make you feel comfortable and confident! All you have to do is trust me.


what are the next steps to book?!

Fill out an inquiry form, and let's talk! We'll set up a video call to chat about your wedding day vision, and to make sure we're a great fit. A signed contract and a 50% retainer will seal the deal (the remaining balance is due one month before your wedding). Then we celebrate!!