Coastal Wedding at Autocamp Cape Cod | Lucy & Peter

August 2, 2022

Lucy and Peter’s gorgeous wedding at Autocamp Cape Cod was as laid-back and cool as it was personal and fun! It’s always so special when I get to experience a couple’s entire wedding journey with them — I really felt like I had a sense for who L + P are as a couple from capturing their engagement photos in Brooklyn last year. So when it came time to document their Autocamp Cape Cod wedding this year, I felt like I really knew them, which made celebrating their love story all the more meaningful.

Not to mention, Lucy is from my hometown! I happened to know a lot of the wedding guests and their family and friends are just so much fun to be around. They made me feel like family the whole day.

How They Met

Lucy and Peter are both from New England but they met at a Patriot’s bar in New York City. To quote Lucy, “I remember seeing him sitting at the table before I walked in and couldn’t believe how good looking he was!” And they’ve dated ever since. It sounds like fate to me, so it was only fitting we took their engagement photos back in the city where it all started.

Laid-back Wedding at Autocamp Cape Cod

The best thing about Lucy and Peter’s wedding day was that everyone was so relaxed and happy the entire time. Even though it was a venue wedding at Autocamp, the day had more of an intimate backyard wedding feel. Don’t get me wrong, these two thought about every little detail and truly made every aspect of their wedding day unique and meaningful to their relationship. But, the people and the energy was just so relaxed in a really beautiful way. No stress, no nerves – just pure joy and overwhelming love.

Planning a Wedding on Cape Cod?

If you’re hoping to create this kind of intimate, relaxed vibe on your wedding day, check out some of my favorite intimate wedding venues in New England from my recent blog post here! Hint, hint – Autocamp is one of them! If you want your Cape Cod wedding documented in a candid, intimate way, you can connect with me through my contact form here!

Cape Cod wedding at Autocamp
Cape Cod wedding at Autocamp
Cape Cod wedding at Autocamp
Cape Cod wedding at Autocamp