January 10, 2023

Fall Engagement Photos at Arnold Arboretum in Boston | Ceci & Matt


I was truly honored to take Ceci and Matt’s fall engagement photos at the Arnold Arboretum. When Ceci & Matt reached out to me, I knew immediately we’d be great friends (in their inquiry, they said “when we aren’t reading or watching the Red Sox, we’re hanging out at the Brookline Booksmith or playing darts at the Silhouette.” C’MON!!). I had an absolute blast taking their engagement photos on the most picturesque fall day and I can’t even express how excited I am to document their upcoming wedding!

How They Met

Ceci and Matt’s love story is such a great one! When they first met, Ceci was working in a tiny little convenience store on their college campus. To set the scene, Ceci and her friend had been sharing a bottle of wine and it was probably past 1am (it was a student-run store). At some point, Matt wandered in for a midnight snack during the middle of his overnight EMT shift. Ceci was immediately crushing, and in an a very bold move never before utilized, reached out her hand across the counter to introduce herself.

Mind you, she had to get off the chair she was dancing on to do so! Something inside her told her that she just had to know this guy. After chatting for a few minutes, they realized they had a mutual friend. Moments after Matt left, the singular mutual friend they shared at the time walked in! Ceci told him that she had just met Matt and asked if he was single. Their friend agreed to set them up, and the rest is history!

Engagement Photos at Arnold Arboretum

Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum in Boston is such a stunning location for engagement photos in the New England area. The landscape is beautiful year round but it really shows off in the fall. The timing was especially ideal for Ceci and Matt’s fall engagement session at Arnold Arboretum because the leaves were just starting to turn (also, gotta give a shoutout to their outfits which photographed so well: Ceci wore a blue and white floral Reformation dress and Matt wore a relaxed grey jacket and sweater. Their outfits perfectly complimented the deep greens and rust oranges of the changing leaves).

Ceci and Matt were all smiles and laughs during their fall engagement photos at Arnold Arboretum (also, we ended their session at the Silhouette, so it was basically a perfect afternoon). It’s so beautiful to see how they whole-heartedly wear their love on their sleeves. Their love is effervescent; being around them, it’s easy to see and feel how much they care for each other. They are tender and kind with one another, while also unafraid to be silly, bold, and unabashedly themselves.

They’re the kind of people that treat their relationship like a true partnership, and their unwavering love and support for each other is honestly inspiring. They’re also genuinely hilarious and I love hanging out with them. Even before taking their fall engagement photos, we’d spent so much time together and had become such good friends, so their session was just a cherry on top. It’s not lost on me how lucky I am to meet so many wonderful couples that turn into fast friends, and I’m already counting down the days until I get to shoot their Martha’s Vineyard wedding in August 2023! I simply CANNOT WAIT.

Planning to Take Your Engagement Photos in Boston?

If you’re hoping to take engagement photos at Arnold Arboretum or other spots in the Boston area, take some inspiration from some of my past sessions, here! To reach out to me about capturing your engagement in a candid, honest way using digital and film formats, inquire with me here.

engagement photos at Arnold Arboretum
engagement photos at Arnold Arboretum