September 22, 2022

Why Having a Second Wedding Photographer is So Important

second shooter on your wedding day


Ever wonder why having a second wedding photographer is so important? Keep reading!

Having a second wedding photographer is especially useful when:

1. You and your partner plan to get ready in different places. Having a second allows us to document the getting ready process equally for each partner.

2. I’m busy taking family photos and making sure we have everything accounted for on our shot list, my second can be taking photos of cocktail hour or reception details (especially applicable if you’re planning on not doing a first look!)

3. Most importantly: Having a second shooter means we can capture more candid, natural moments throughout the day! While my main focus is on you as the couple, my second can be capturing your guests and the details of the day.

Why I include a second wedding photographer in most of my packages:

I include a second shooter in most of my wedding photography packages for a few reasons! The first one is that it gives my team and I more time to capture all the beautiful details that you’ve so thoughtfully planned around your day. Let me guess, you’ve likely spend months or maybe even years planning one of the most special days in your life, right? So it only makes sense to then have all those tender moments and sweet details documented for a lifetime.

Another reason why I include a second photographer in most of my packages is for more variety in your photos. With two photographers, you’ll get more coverage during your ceremony, more creative angles during portraits, and a different viewpoint during every other moment of the day.

Overall, having a second wedding photographer there provides you with the most well rounded final gallery, full of all the moments that often times you may have not even known were happening.

Meet my second photographer, aka my husband, Max!

If I’m photographing your wedding, there’s a good chance that Max will be there, too. If we’re Instagram friends, you’ve probably seen me introduce Max a few times over there! Max is my biggest supporter, in life and my business, so it’s no surprise that shooting almost every wedding with him has been the perfect set up. We make a great team and nothing makes me happier than partnering with my husband on wedding days. My couples are usually pretty happy about it too!

Max is always there to help you pin your boutonniere, calm your nerves before the first look (his Scottish accent is very soothing!), keep you snack’d up during cocktail hour, and of course take some great photos throughout the day. Tap here to see him in action on wedding days!

He’s also more than willing to pose for a test shot, flash you a friendly smile, and be that wonderful, calming presence throughout the day! Just some of the few reasons why having a second wedding photographer is so important and worth while. ​​​​​​​​I may be a little biased but I think we have a pretty great arrangement happening here (photos below for proof!)

second shooter on your wedding day

Looking for a documentary-style wedding photographer?

Then you’re in the right place! You can reach out to me through my contact page here. For more wedding planning tips, catch up on some of my latest blogs here. Happy planning!


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