Super 8 Wedding Films

professional, documentary footage

that feels like a home movie.

pricing & packages


starting at $900


starting at $3,150




how long are the films?

why super 8?

Bite-sized. Your final film will be about five minutes long, and will include snippets from each part of your day. This won't be like some of the other wedding videos you've seen, with smash cuts and slow mo -- this film will be a real-time, chronological collection of memories that you'll want to watch again and again.

Quite simply, because it's fun! Super 8 is the kind of film your grandparents probably used to capture their own life moments, big and small. It's the kind of film that instantly feels warm, nostalgic, and raw. Its scratches and light-leaks make it even more perfect -- your love captured through a timeless, tangible medium.



when will we receive the final film?

can you record audio for ceremony and speeches?

Your video will be delivered within 8 weeks. Trust me, we want you to see your film as soon as possible! But the nature of Super 8 means the film has to be developed and scanned before it even comes back to us for editing. When it's ready, it will be delivered online as a digital scan of the film reel.

Unfortunately, we don't do that -- our Super 8 cameras aren't capable of recording audio. Our mission is to make a film that feels like a home movie -- one that captures your day in a short, intimate, and impactful way, that you'll actually watch and share with your friends and family for years to come.